Friday, 17 June 2011

Trouble in Deorsingasham (part 2 or 2)

continued from trouble in Deorsingasham part 1


While Aelfric and his men hold off the main body of the vikings, more appear to the north of the town. The monks, followers of St Wigbert (an offshoot sect of the fighting monks of Wuduceastre), prepare to defend the church ...
The fight goes on, by the minster church and the great hall ...
Aelfric and a couple of men are left, they have pushed the vikings back but cannot hold them any longer (they run for the woods dodging in between the houses ..)
A group of vikings move up the main town street, the saxons who are left don't tarry and make for the woods ..
Only the monks remain, they will defend the minster church and the shrine of St Wigbert
The monks make their last stand in front of the minster ...
The vikings set about pillaging the town ...
Their main prize the reliquary of St Wigbert (this has to be returned un-opened for Sven Erikson to examine it).
The villagers wait in the woods, while the armed men look for evidence that the vikings have gone ..
The vikings make their way back to their ship, with booty and livestock ..
The vikings load up the boat (and then head out back to the Isle of Sceapige ...)
As the townfolk return to Deorsingasham and start to tidy up the mess, Earldoerman Rodor arrives, they are too late the vikings have gone. A woman shouts 'the Abbot is still alive, praise the lord !'


  1. Great stuff - very cinematic!

    Love the fighting monks :-)

  2. Praise the lord, indeed! Just another day in the dark ages...

  3. I agree with Paul.
    Maybe the Saxons need to hire seven magnificent warriors...

  4. Very well done. I enjoyed following along. I espeically like the minister armed with spear and shield but with the priest hat still on.

    Look forward to seeing more of your viking adventures!

  5. Very eye catching layout, looking forward to following more in this adventure.

  6. Very Nice! Who makes the nice variety of plastic trees that you use?

  7. The bulk of the plastic trees are Merit OO Guage Trees - Alders, Poplars and Firs (no longer in production), I usually pick them up secondhand. Product codes were

    5048 – Poplar trees, 4 trees
    5049 – Alder trees, 3 trees
    5050 – Fir trees, 6 trees
    5020 – Hedges, 8 pieces

    -- Allan

  8. Great stuff!
    Love following your tales - keep them coming!!


  9. Excellent game and photos. Very nice troops too.