Saturday 24 October 2015

New mast done and provision for sail up/down

Been working on the small ship, the new mast has been painted. The spar is fixed to the mast with a pin and can be removed. I've added supports for stowing the sail and spar when down using wire and bits from tile-spacers.
 Spar removed and trial fitting of the down version
 some material added and tied off using 'scale' rope
now I need to do the sail and get it all painted up.

(update added below)
 before getting on withe painting I decided to apply the mast up/down concept to one of my larger ships as well

Friday 23 October 2015

Boat crew - rowers

oops ! it has been a while since I did some work or gaming for this period

I picked up some rowers off Ebay earlier in the year, these have been sitting on the modelling desk waiting for action.

The rowers had been provided with some 'seats' made up of 3 layers of thin plywood and I've fitted them with some oars from the Revell viking ship kit; in addition I tweaked a civilian figure to look like he is at the steering oar.

Here they are in one of my larger ships - they'll do for effect
but looking better in the small ship I'm working on at the moment (it is getting a new mast, made form an old paintbrush handle)