Friday 29 May 2009

Beornwulf's Hall and Fortifications

Beornwulf has returned home to find the palisade and ditch he ordered constructed, to enclose his new hall, has been completed.

A closeup of the gate into the enclosure ..

The sentries are vigilant; there are rumours of viking raids ....

Monday 25 May 2009


The war of the fortifications continues.
Having finished work for the day, the serfs retire,
leaving the sentries to watch for Viking marauders.

When will they come?
The 8th of the month will be a moonless night, perfect for a night attack.
Which set of fortifications will they choose?
Which will you choose?

Palisade - the gateway

Finished off the gateway section of my palisades; front view :

and rear view ..

The steps were taken from my G scale railway spares box. I have to nibble out the top of the palisade on either side of the gateway yet - then its painting time.


The Russian Trader Olaf, admires progress on the defence works.

Palisade Sections

I've been making some palisade sections with my favourite materials cardboard, foamboard and paper sheets. The palisade is cardboard with 'wooden stakes' paper stuck to either side. Below is a nearly finished 9" section.

A corner section, with the top of the carboard palisade 'nibbled out' to show the stake points ...

I liked the look of what I'd made so I went on to make more - I've made five 9" straight sections, four corner sections and one 9" section with an entrance gate. Next job is to fill in a few holes and paint up.

Sunday 24 May 2009

The Giants build a Ship

The gentle giants of Caer Tidi, fed up with continual viking raids on their smaller coastal settlements, decide enough is enough and have made themselves a ship to take the fight to the raiders.

[I've got to get a few more giants (40mm figs) and also do some work on the ship model - Playmobil Viking ship; figs Sash & Sabre 40mm vikings]