Sunday 19 February 2012

Viking Camp ..

For some time I have been considering adding some tents to form part of a camp. I recently purchased 'Construye Este Poblado Vikingo' (picture of booklet shown here ), which is really 1:87 but has some great content - one of which is a small plain coloured tent. So a quick scan in and magnification by approx 1.5 gave me a base template to work from. Instead of keeping the tent plain I changed it to stripes, printing it out on 210gm white card - I printed 5 with different coloured stripes.

Picture below shows one tent assembled and stuck onto a base, with the next template ready to cut out; the end frames have been positioned ready to be stuck onto some 2mm thick card.
After sticking the end supports onto thin card and cutting them out I painted the edges with a light brown colour - then stuck onto the tent ends.  A wash of light brown was applied to the tent to tone down the colours. Then the base was painted and some static grass applied. I made up a total of 5 tents and made a fire up from some small stones and spare bits of plastic. 

The viking camp ....
the tents are probably not 100% historically correct (would probably have had the tent material over the wooden A frame ends) but they look OK to me ..