Saturday 11 June 2011

A couple of new buildings..

When I set out for the Deorsingasham game, I realised I was short a couple of medium size houses. So I've been making a couple from scratch. Foamboard shells on 3mm MDF bases; woodwork made from cardboard. Here are the two houses before they receive their roofs.

Roofs added with cardboard then covered with fake fur to represent thatch. Then onto painting; after putting on the base colours I added a thin black wash. Here are the finished items, with a resin building from Gripping Beast in the background for comparison.
Part 2 of 'Trouble in Deorsingasham' in preparation; need to do some more work on the piccies before posting it on the blog.


Paul O'G said...

Great job! They have come out very nicely indeed and easily as good as the resin ones from GB. I've found it immensely satisfying building my own DA buildings too - well done tidders!

Fitz-Badger said...

Simple, but very nice!

Dan said...

Very nice buildings, its amazing how a good paint job can turn it from cardboard and foam into a realistic looking building.

Dan said...

I forgot to ask in my last comment. Is there anyway you could perhaps put together a small post with the measuments your buildings for the rest of us to try and replicate? Personally I always have a hard time finding a starting place to size buildings. Thanks!

tidders2 said...

Dan, will knock up some outline drawings and post them.

-- Allan