Sunday 26 October 2008

Longboat Completed

Fresh out of the shipyard, one longboat ready to bring terror to some innocents or explore the wonders of the world ...

Saturday 11 October 2008

Shipbuilding starts ...

I bought a Revell 1:50 scale kit a couple of months ago before I bought the figures from Gripping Beast, I thought it was about time I got on with looking at it to see how useful it would be.

Size wize its just a bit big but otherwise OK. Comes with mast, sail, shields and oars; unfortunately no crew. First thing I decided to do was make up the hull after converting it to a waterline model - cutting bits of the hull was awkward - but eventually got it almost right; I then added a cardboard bottom and filled in any gaps with plastic wood.

Next time I'll probably buy resin ship with crew from either Gripping Beast or Old Glory - I don't think these come with masts though.

Friday 10 October 2008

Giants v Dragon

The giants of Caer Tidi take on a dragon which has been eating their livestock.
[giants 40mm Sash and Sabre Vikings, Dragon - from the Papo range]


A couple of packs of Gripping Beast civilians have been painted up - obviously oblivious to their future encounters with any viking raiders.