Thursday, 2 June 2011

Saxon Church receives makeover ...

The church in its orginal state ...
It is made from a Dapol (ex Airfix) country church kit , with a small 0.5 cm lift up using foamboard to get more height. The thatch was made from old socks. 

I was not really happy with the scale height so I removed it from the old base and added and extra 1cm lift to make it look better with 25mm figs.

The lift up was covered with scribed cardboard and some Wills plastic embossed stone sheet I had spare, the original 0.5 cm lift up was disguised with some Wills brick strip. I then added a new porch structure. I added porch doorway from plastic strip and cardboard, and a cardboard roof. Repairs were also made to the bases of the buttresses.
The church starts to receive its new thatching from fake fur ...
Will post pictures of completed church when painted and base finished.


  1. Nice job with the church, looking forward to the final product. Im sure its full of treasure waiting for some Vikings to raid it.

  2. Very nicely done indeed. I really like what you've done with that and it certainly looks much more in scale with your figs.

    I hope the parish of Sceapige is well defended before the Northmen come to loot it!