Saturday 6 July 2013

The Mages meet .....

Nerienda (known by most as Old Crone), Hunwald (Black Staff), Halldor (White Beard)  and Oswyn (Grey Coat) have gathered for a meeting at the rocky outcrop known as the Odin Stones. [they have met before see here]

Halldor: All is going well, the viking Erikson has the first clue to the location of the Whorled Cup.
Nerienda: Good, things are working well - he still has 6 more clues to find and then the final journey to retrieve the cup.
Hunwald: He has many leagues to travel. We must wait and be patient.
Oswyn: We have still not decided what action to take over the viking Angstromsen's taking of the Orb Stone of Isencak  and it's keeper (not to mention the slaughter of the Orb Maiden warriors)
Hunwald: It may be possible to direct Beornwulf the Bold and the last remaining Orb Maiden to retrieve the Orb Stone of Isencak and return it to its rightful resting place - I will do what I can .......