Saturday 25 June 2011

Storage Crisis - resolved

Having accumulated my Dark Age collection and been adding new buildings, the space I had allocated in the cupboards under my wargame table had filled up. I was looking for a quick solution as I had no more room for any additional cupboards. Fortunately the trim under cupboard comes off and there is space underneath to put a reasonable sized box of figs or some houses - so I unscrewed the trim and added a door knob to it, found a suitable sized box and that has solved the space problem for now. All reorganised,
out of sight and safely stored ...
If I want to get to the buildings I can pull of the trim piece and get the tray out.


Adelaide Gamer said...

You know, you will still run out of space, though!

tidders2 said...

Your right there ! Things are getting a bit tight even with this dodge.

I'm having a tidy up in the wargame room today, I may find some other useful 'boltholes'

-- Allan

Springinsfeld said...

Next step will be a converted laundry rack you can lower from the ceiling. Really enjoying all your blogs Allan, a real inspiration. cheers Mike