Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Sven Eriksen returns ...

Sven Eriksen and his warbands set off on a new voyage a month or so back; severely hampered by bad weather and after an abortive raid on the gallic coast they had returned home - just in time to enjoy the inaugural feast in the new great hall.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

SOON, Very Soon

Old Svan stood on the headland gazeing out to sea, his heart yearned to be out there, raiding the saxon shore, looting, burning and pillaging,(He was far too old for anything else). But, his head knew that the decision of the council to move to a new great hall was a sensible one, indeed he had voted for the building of a new Treasure Hut as an adjunct. Junk, Helga called it and the youngsters soon named it Jabba ( The great Hut). But now the bulk of the work was complete, a little bit of Daub here and there, new thatch for the roof of Jabba and rushes to light the interior. Soon everything would be ready and he could sail freely off to create mayhem in Gaul, Monrovia or anywhere that the tides carried him, his crew was ready. Just as soon as he could stop the door of the treasure house bulging under the contents, Whoops as young Svan had said!!