Sunday, 5 June 2011

St Wigbert's Church

The Bishop of Wuduceastre has travelled to the town of Deorsingasham to consecrate and dedicate the new church of St Wigbert. The church will hold his relics.
Many people have come for the event, including Ealdormann Rodor (recently elevated to his new title after his victory over the vikings at Cyddingastun). 
The Bishop's sermon reaches it's peak, as he exalts those present to fight to repell the heathen vikings ..

After the bishop finished his sermon they all repaired to the local thegn's hall for a great feast.


  1. Great looking set up there. A plump target for Vikings to be sure :)

  2. Looks good enough to pillage.

  3. Well well done indeed tidders - your mods to that Church are excellent and look like they have always been there!

    I've heard though that the Norse Earl of Oarkney has put a bounty on St Wigbert's relics...