Wednesday 30 July 2008

Getting Organized

A nice order of minis arrived from Gripping Beast at the weekend. On monday we sorted through these, splitting them into two 'sides' saxons and vikings, arranging who would paint what.

Also we looked at the boat kits we had, these look good but will need modifying to waterline models.

With a couple of buildings ordered from Gripping Beast, the Dapol church kit, plus other items we have we have enough for a small hamlet, willage or monastery. Also have other options for forts etc.

The blog title has also been updated and a description provided to give us plenty of scope for gaming.

Sunday 20 July 2008

A quick update

Buildings - I have a couple of small 'hovels' under construction. I'm also looking whether the Dapol church kit can be modified to a Saxon stone church.

Also I have managed to find a 1:50 Revell viking longship kit; it may be a bit large but I need to compare it to some figures.