Sunday 5 February 2017

Offa's Ford

Sven is  searching for plunder, and is worried about his flank. Scouts report a ford ahead. Advance parties are sent to secure the ford by Offas' farm, but as they come in sight they find Ragnars' men already in position.
There are only a few men, so Sven decides to seize the ford quickly and then leave a small party behind defences to secure his flank.
His men rush forward, ignoring the hail of missiles.
And swiftly destroy them. Ragnar falls, but lies ignored amongst the reeds.
Sven stands back as his men gain the opposite bank. and form a shield wall, as more of Ragnars men appear.
The two sides clash and Svens men get the worst of it.
More of Ragnars forces appear, Sven begins to worry.
But as his own reinforcements arrive his troops break the opposing shield wall, and Ragnars men flee in disorder.
As the light begins to go, Sven holds the ford and decides to make camp for the night. He has wounded to attend to, before continuing his raid.
Ragnar, badly bruised but only lightly wounded, crawls from the reeds and makes his escape
He will get his revenge.

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nobby said...

No mention in the text about the zeppelin coming into view in picture five?