Monday 13 February 2017

Lost scrolls The Saga of Eric Redbeard.

Ragnars Homestead.
Ragnar Brown Eyes has learnt of Sven's search and his intention to sail to the Isles of Per Beck.
Hoping to steal a march on his rival he calls for his men to join him and sets about equipping his ship for the journey, supplies are gathered and loading commences whilst he waits for two other ships to join him.

   But other eyes are watching the preparations.
Sven has learnt of the preparations and sent scouts to discover the state of Ragnars ships.
They report that supplies for a long voyage of probably more than one ship have been gathered and loading has commenced, He decides to strike and waiting till the midday meal, when few men are left on guard he prepares his forces.
 Whilst the sentries on the headland are busily scanning the horizon for the forces that are expected to join them that day, a large hunting party has been sent out to gather food for the great feast planned for the evening.
Svens men move down to the boat and piled provisions, ready to destroy everything.
Two of the ship guards fall to the advancing archers as Sven and his men sweep down on their unsuspecting foe.
A shepherd spots the enemy and the alarm is sounded.
Ragnar is the first from the hall, to see Eric, the sole remaining Boatguard facing the enemy horde, whilst old Hagar the shepherd holds the palisade.
Svens men reach the piled stores and immediately smoke rises as they commence the destruction.
But Ragnars men are pouring from the houses and forming up to see off the attackers, if Eric can just hold on the ship could be saved.
 Eric continues to defend the longship, three of the foe go down beneath his spear, his tale will be sung in the great hall tonight.
  Hagar has fallen and Svens men start dumping stores into the sea.
The slaughter of the livestock begins, as more of Svens men storm the longship, Eric fights on attacked from all sides, he is helpless to stop the ship being fired.
 Eric falls as the ship catches light and drifts away from the shore, some of Svens men are still aboard and are forced to swim for it to avoid a true viking funeral.
The shield walls meet, Svens men have the advantage and force back the defenders.
Everything is ablaze and Sven gives the signal to fall back, His men break off the attack and head back to their own ship moored a few miles down the coast.
Whilst the rearguard holds off Ragnars men, the bulk of the attackers retreat.
The Rearguard break away, leaving Ragnar to call his men to salvage what they can.

Svens forces halt at the rise and survey the results of their raid, a good days work Ragnar will be unable to follow to the Isle of Brun See and the temple of the Phoenicians.
A horn is heard in the distance, and as the hunting party returns, Sven leads the rest of his men away to the ship.
The sentries on the headland can only watch as their lords longship drifts past on fire and sinking.
Ragnar will not be pleased.


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