Saturday, 8 December 2012

Three ships a sailing in .....

The thick sea mist which has been present for some days has finally lifted; Sven Erikson had been out twice watching for ships arriving but to no avail; however late in the afternoon the sound of a horn drifted along the fjord - Sven ran out and to his delight three ships had rounded the headland and were coming up the fjord - Siegfried Freyasson, Olaf the Ambivalent and Njahl Njahlson and their warbands had arrived ....
My viking ships have had their sails painted I opted for two banded sales with  a light colour washes over the buff colour I had orginally pianted them - however I though the largest ship should have a nice design on it - I based it on a stone carving of a dragon.


  1. They look great...the dragon is very good

  2. Don't forget the nomination...
    Fantastic ships there!
    best wishes

  3. very nice ships!
    I like the dragon on the sail!