Saturday, 22 December 2012

Isle of Loost: Fasil the Hermit's Busy Day

A typical day for Fasil was for a hermit what one would expect, not a lot happened - however one day after a particularly stormy night Fasil had more visitors than he was used too (or really wanted)...

Early in the morning a group of saxon warriors drew close to his small hut by the stones ... Fasil picked up his old warhammer and was about to shout at the saxons - when their leader Beornwulf politely introduced himself..
'My name is Beornwulf , sorry to disturb your solitude old man, please could you tell us the location of a nearby village or hamlet where we could trade for some food and water ?'  Fasil relaxed and gave them directions to Sodham. The saxons gave him a cloak and a little food which they had spare. Nice people thought Fasil as they left...
Later that morning a strange whirring/whistly noise rent the air; Fasil grabbed his warhammer - what is going on he thought. A large blue hut appeared down the slope right on top of his blueberry bushes... 
I say Romana this Doesn't look like Prantifax IV,
perhaps we best try again (must overhaul those navigation circuits..)
Fasil rushed down the hill brandishing his warhammer and shouting at them, the strangely apparelled people disappeared into the blue hut; Fasil reached it and started pounding on it with his warhammer; then that horrible noise again and the object was gone. Fasil recovered his composure - the blueberry bushes were ruined - Fasil was not in a good mood ...

Towards mid-day Fasil cleaned up round his hut, said some prayers at the stones and was just about to have a little rest when a party of uncouth vikings appeared ..
They pushed him about and demanded to be told the way to the the resting place of the Orb of IsenCack. Fasil now rather annoyed told them the way but not the safe way - the dangerous way - that'll sort them thought Fasil.

Later in the afternoon a fellow hermit on the island arrived for a visit; What a day I've had said Fasil ...
as the sunset and Fasil retired for the night he mused - hopefully a normal quiet peaceful day tomorrow.


  1. What the Who!? Hermit, eh; it was like Grand Central Station! (maybe he should've made espresso for his "guests"...)

    I'm enjoying these sagas. Excellent photos and fun and interesting story lines.