Friday, 14 December 2012

The Gods laugh

The gods looked down on Sven amd smiled wryly to themselves,
The human conceit, the plans to weld vikings together against a common foe, all this would come to nought,
   A moments thought would tell that the common enemy of the Viking was another Viking, or Saxon, or anyone really.
   At this very moment three longships were approaching the Island of Loost, Each captain and crew intent on their own objectives, and unaware of the others approach from different points of the compass.
   The few inhabitants of Loost were equally unaware of what was about to befall them. Fasil the Hermit slept, as did the inhabitants of the small hamlet of Freesing. The only person awake on the entire island was Kai the swineherd.
    Gazeing out to sea ,he could see the faint glow of the approaching sunrise, A red sky, that augured something evil, but nothing even remotely evil rver happened here, It was such a remote island that nothing much ever happened here. The wolves might howl of a night time, and strange creatures did walk the hills and woods but even the abnormal was normal here.

    And so the scene is set, three ships, 2 Viking and 1 Saxon, will soon appear off the shoreline, they have no idea of  what they will encounter, human, animal,natural or unnatural, each is searching for something, one group seeks the `U shull, rumoured to be in a dark cave, another the Stone of Isencak, an object of wonder to the islanders, The third fresh food and water.
     What will they find? The gods rattle the dice, They will decide.


  1. Oh ! sounds interesting - can't wait !

  2. I think someing involving sharp axes about to unford!

  3. Drat those vikings - I thought only the saxons new of the existence of the isle of Loost


  4. Vikings know many secrets, perhaps there is a mole in Wurcestershire.
    You can`t trust anyone with a monk fetish.