Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Sagas of the Isle of Loost

The sagas of the Isle of Loost were set down in writing in the early 10th century,  also a smaller edition was made containing abridged shorter versions of the main stories, these include

  • Njahl Odinsen and the quest for the U'skull
  • Fasil the Hermit's busy day
  • Angstrom Angstromsen's search for the the Globe Stone of Isencak
  • Beornwulf the Bold searches for sustenance
these stories will recounted in due course ...


  1. Are those the Loost Books?
    Good to see they're hardbacks and not loost-leaf... [whistles nonchalantly}

  2. I'm really enjoying these sagas, will sit my youngest grandson down with me soon and go through them with him. I'll let you know the response.