Monday, 3 December 2012

Spies report

Reports have reached Svens ears of the increase in the saxon forces, and steps are being taken to remedy the situation.
    Word has been sent along the fiords and islands to all captains wishing to join in the coming raiding season.
    Siegfried Freyasson, Olaf the Ambivalent and Njahl Njahlson, have all promised to attend a meeting to plan the campaign,  each day Sven expects sightings of their ships.
    But a thick sea mist has masked the area and  for some days not even the far side of the fiord has been visible, he must restrain his impatience.
    Some progress has been made in deciphering the riddle of the Whorled cup, and the seer has predicted the arrival of " A fair haired Maiden bearing The Globe of P`ower"
    This should enable the next step in his quest to be taken, until then all must restrain their impatience.


  1. Don't all maidens have Globes of Power?

  2. I have nominated you for a Leibster Award ,well done!
    best wishes
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