Monday, 29 October 2012

Ship Building (4) - viking ship complete

I wanted to be able to remove the sail from a ship, to get at figures on deck while gaming, so needed some sort of 'clip-on' concept. Finally came up with using the plastic spiral document binders (used the 6mm ones). Cut of some of the tabs and shorted the remainder so there is a small gap to fit over the spar.
The 'clip-on' sail in place ....
Trial concept for a furled sail, using similar method ....
I gave the furled sail a wash of colour and tied the sail round at various points with brown thread, shown fitted to the ship...
The viking ship with its sail and a few shields - on its maiden voyage

next - finish off the Saxon ships and consider whether to have oars and oarsmen


  1. Absolutely wonderful, watched The 13th warrior last night, so thought I would look in for some Viking inspiration. Sorry I haven't been commenting recently, just very busy.
    best regards

  2. ah, excellent idea! ship looks great, too. :)

  3. You are just so productive! - makes me ashamed of how little I actually do.

    And the end results are always attractive and useable. Top stuff

  4. Excellent work - really quite effective!

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  6. Excellent work! Must revisit all this when I get primed to do some Prince Valiant ships.