Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ship Building (1) - getting started

Afterthe last game, fired up with enthusiam I decided to get on and make some more ships. Aim was to maybe add another viking ship and three saxon ships - and without spending too much and using up what materials I had to hand.
First thing I did was to download the Wargames Illustrated deck plans from here, the saxon deck plan was a little narrow so I tweaked it by widening the image by 20%, it then checks out ok against my narrower ship used in the last game
Next was to source masts and spars - I found some nice childrens knitting needles (2 for £1.25 !), these are just right for the masts and for the spars some wooden hibachi skewers can be cut up.
A first cut of the decks for the ships was done from 3mm cardboard - one for a viking ship and three for saxon ships; the viking deck has the deck plan stuck onto it
The viking deck with some foamboard added to bring the height up..
I found the saxon deck plan a little light in colour and gave it wash of mid brown, then copied it to get three, first deck stuck onto the cardboard - foamboard to be added underneath and then the other two done.
Next - the sides of the ship hulls ...


  1. Looks promising, following with interest.


  2. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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