Saturday, 27 October 2012

Ship Building (3) - finishing the hulls

A trial fit of the masts to one of the saxon hulls and the viking hull...
The viking hull with its mast after its first coat of paint ...
I decided to add some curvature and shape to the stern and prow by adding on some suitably shaped thick  cardboard....
The saxon hulls get the same treatment ...
Next up adding the 'steering paddle', just a piece of cardboard cut to shape and stuck to the hull side ..
The viking ship gets another lick of paint and the stern and prow get a small paint job, coming along nicely compared to the Revell kit.
next time - finishing off the viking ship


  1. Very nice, I had a similar idea for cutting balsa for prow ends. Can't wait for the final installment.

  2. Cool ships, i did some like that once but they din't turn out so good as yours.

  3. Fantastic progress. You make it look so easy to make them! I spent weeks building one. Might make some more now that I have seen your way. Great work!