Saturday, 10 December 2011

Thached stone building with enclosure

I bougth some bits recently from Gripping Beast and while having a browse (as you do), I took a fancy to a stone building so added it to the order.

I wanted to do soemthing a bit different with it so I based it with some hurdle fence pieces from the Games Workshop fence/wall set to make an enclosure; plus some plastic wood to blend it into the base ...
All finished and ready to takes it's place in a village, ham, tun or burgh...


  1. That's a really great piece -- excellent job!

  2. Love what you have done with that - I am getting even more jealous now :)
    I really need to buy some Gripping Beast buildings!

  3. Very nice building - the fence goes well size wise.

    Love the dead tree stump!

  4. very nice indeed. perfect for this era.

  5. Looks good, a nice idea to build this fence!

  6. Lovely job Sir - and now the Vikings can see what they are stealing: how convenient!