Sunday, 11 December 2011

Earldorman Rodor's armoured thegns..

A mix of figs finished off in a session yesterday - mostly Gripping Beast with a couple of Dixon and Redoubt; for a change I tried a bit of shading on faces/hands using dilute brown wash ( I bought a sheet of standards some time back - I think from Redoubt - from which I cut out the one shown)
A closer look at the archer ...

The above are the last ( of the currently planned) major additions to Saxon forces; there will be some more oddments. I'm looking to add some more 'personality' figures and have a small project in mind to model the characters from Noggin the Nog.


  1. Great figures. I eagerly await the Noggin the Nog project, particularly seeing Nogbad's moustache

  2. Nice figures, all of them. I especially like the shield work.