Thursday, 1 December 2011

Looking for the Old Crone ...

Earldorman Rodor's wife Beornwyn, her female warriors, Bishop Wulfrum of Wuduceastre and some armed monks (and a dog called ?spot?) - are searching for the Old Crone, as the Bishop is trying to come to an understanding of the ways of old religion (they go armed as it is a dangerous time - you never know if there are vikings about)  ...
Beornwyn and the Bishop enquire at a village as to the whereabouts of the Old Crone, they are told to try a hut on the hill about a mile outside the village to the north.
They catch sight of the Old Crone in front of her hut ....
The Old Crone disappears in a puff of coloured smoke, and three other wispy smokelets appear ...
The old crone unsure of the reason for the visit has disappeared and has summoned some 'undead' to attack the visitors ..
 The skeleton undead attack, and the party do their best to defend themselves ...
The cowled monk throws back his hood and chants a prayer from the holy book of Crontarth..
The skeleton undead have turned back to dust - a narrow escape for all ...


  1. If things had got sticky, the dog might have proved useful against those walking bones- cheers Mike

  2. lol, Mike

    Nice little story. Good thing they had a cleric with them, eh?

  3. Great little story, wonderful figurs and terrain.

  4. Those skellies were an unusual, but excellent surprise.