Sunday, 27 March 2011

On the Isle of Sceapige (4) - The Search for the Book of Tanwold

Sven Eriksen and a group of men have left their camp and start south towards the forest ...
While a few men move to investigate a small homestead, the rest move into the forest
The saxons in the homestead put up a fight but are dispatched, except for a small boy who puts up a spirited fight (he is taken captive)...
One of the scouts has found a maiden in the forest (the daughter of the homesteaders), who knows where the hermit lives ...
One of the forward scouts is set on by a pack of wolves ...
The vikings continue through the woods, in the distance a saxon hunting party can be seen they are tracking a wild boar..
The scout continues his tussle with wolves, while the others move through the wood. It seems they have disturbed a giant (one of the last of the few Ny giants who remain), who has come out from his cave by the rocks to investigate ..
The giant decides he doesn't like the vikings, the saxon hunting party watch ..
Hearing the commotion behing him Sven Erikson takes some men to help fight the giant, the scout has beaten off the wolves  ..
Some of the vikings have found the hermit's island and are taking the boat across ..
They capture a visiting monk who is studying the Book of Tanwold ...
Sven Eriksen and his men finally kill the giant, the saxon hunting party fall back into the wood after seeing how many vikings there are  ....
The Vikings start their return to camp, captives and the book under close guard ...
There will many stories told around the camp fire this night, and to come, of their adventures in the woods.


  1. Very nice! Lots going on, too. :)

  2. A wonderful addition to the ongoing saga of Sven Erikson! I hope the Book of Tanwold will lead him to the Whorled cup, as foretold by the old Crone...

    Love the addition of the giant and the wolves. Your water terrain is great- it really looks like a deep, still fjord. Is that paper under glass?

    Looking forward to part 5.

  3. The water is clear acrylic sheet with one side spray painted.

    -- Allan

  4. I like what you have done with the whole setting. It works nicely and is coming together as a great saga. Keep up the good work.

    Little Odo