Saturday, 19 March 2011

Newly painted figs ..

Finished painting a few dark ages figures this week. A gathering of civilians (from various Foundry packs and a copuile of Irregular Miniatures)...
A few extra warriors (mostly from Foundry with a few mod's)


  1. Very nice - villagers and civilians in inhabit my hamlets and villages are my next priority.

    May I suggest that a light wash with a brown ink or similar will really help bring the figs' details out.

  2. I've been experimenting with washes on some figures - still need more practice - either get it to thin or too thick.

    -- Allan

  3. Its always an experiment for me too - I've found that if the wash is too thin I can always do another (duh - but you'd be surprised how many times it was too thick anyway!) and that brown inks generally give a better effect and a less 'dirty' appearance than black does.

    Hope that helps - love the continuing story on the Isle of Sheep!