Sunday, 13 March 2011

On the Isle of Sceapige (3) - where is the cup ?

The vikings return from their foray into the forest and have brought a prisoner with them (it seems they had other things to do beside killing saxons). Sven Erikson questions the old crone his men brought back to camp
Crone: I foresaw your arrival you in the bones Eriskon viking - what seek you ?
Sven: I search for the treasure of the Whorled cup
Crone: hah, many leagues will you have to traverse and face stiff competition to attain your goal
Sven: Where is the cup old crone ?
Crone: I know not where, but now of something that points the way
Sven: well old hag ?
Crone: Go into the deep woods to the south, find the hermit and ask to see the book of  Tanwold,
there was a crackle in the air and a large puff of smoke - the old crone had vanished


  1. the crone figure too - who makes it?

  2. Naturally my band of heroes, led by Eric the Viking, will be asking similar questions in seacrh of the 'Horn Resounding'

  3. the old crone is from Foundry (can't remember which pack though)

    -- Allan

  4. Thanks Allan, she makes a great crone or witch.

    Foundry make some great figs but only being able to buy them in apcks of 4 or 5 (and the resultant heavy postage acorss the world) is a real pain.