Saturday, 10 March 2012

Battle at Hokksund

Sven Erikson had completed the journey home across the north sea; on his arrival he learned his territories were under attack by the warlord Agnar Torfuson. Sven hastily organised his forces and sent word to the surrounding areas to muster at Hokksund. Sven's intention was to block Agnar's advance along the coast.
Sven Erikson has arrived at Hokksund, as his men leave the long ship other bands of warriors are arriving..
Along the coastal plain, small groups of Sven's men are scouting and keeping a look out for Agnar's army.
Sven leads the main body of his forces out of  Nestorp..
Sven's scouts encounter some of Agnar's men ....
Sven has formed his men into two battle lines and is advancing along the coast ...
Agnar's army marches relentlessy on pushing back Sven's scouts ...
Both sides apprach a small hamlet,  skirmishing starts in earnest ...
Shieldwalls form up ...
Agnar's first line surges forward and hits the opposition's shieldwall, the fighting soons descends into a disorganised melee..
Sven's first line break contact and run having got the worst of the fighting ....
Agnar's army now advance towards Sven's second line (as Sven's first line rally further back) ...
Agnar's men attack Sven's shieldwall, fighting is hard ....
This time Agnar's men get the worst of it and break ...
Agnar tries to rally his men on a line formed by his housecarls...
His efforts are to no avail and his men keep on running; Agnar starts to fall back - he cannot face all of Sven's forces with just his housecarls.
Sven Erikson and his men hold their ground and are content with letting Agnar Torfuson and his warriors leave of their own accord.


  1. A good report, and very nice figs!

  2. Agreed. Excellent report! You've built up quite a nice set of terrain and figures for this, too.

  3. I liked the ebb and flow of this battle. It seemed very cinematic.

  4. Great report. You always have an extremely good looking set-up and excellent minis. I always enjoy reading these.

  5. Love the report. Wonderful looking game.

  6. Excellent battle report thanks for all the pictures!

  7. A great battle report- splendid terrain and figures.

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  9. Great battle report. You have a fair collection of figures now and that shows in the quality of the scenarios you are now playing.
    Little Odo