Sunday, 22 January 2012

Paper Houses (2) of (2) - All done

I finished off the two larger buildings shown in the previous post and stuck them onto card bases, this also helped strengthen them up some more. I also completed two small A frame ones. One thing I found was that you need to fold down the thatch ends to increase the impression of thickness or the roof. I carefully painted in an extra door at one end of the long house. Bases painted brown with some static grass added. Completed buildings shown below with one of my scratchbuiltt from cardboard and fur thatch ones for comparison.
A couple of closer in views ....

I like them - probably make a couple more small A frame ones, I'll also investigate some of the other construction sets in the series. The A4 books have the all the parts printed on a slightly shiny thin card, so scanning them and re-printing them gave a matt finish which is more appropriate - worth the effort of scanning and enlarging, so now I have the images done I can print off more as needed; I may darken down the thatch roofs a bit though.


  1. Wow! Those came out really well. I'll have to take another look at these titles.

  2. They look great -- I think your idea of adding a stiff support inside really makes a difference. I've found that paper models can sometimes look a bit "saggy", but your supports have obviously eliminated that problem.

  3. Wonderful work again. It never ceases to amaze me how much you get done...well done

  4. Great stuff indeed - have you considered properly thatching the roofs so they match with the rest of your collection?

  5. Paul,

    I may redo the roofs so they match with the rest of my Dark Age buildings

    -- Allan