Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Isle of Sceapige (8) - the Vikings leave

Shortly after Sven Eriksen and his men assaulted and took Drengham,  Ivar Redbeard arrived in his longship. Ivar had been raiding further down the coast, but had lost half his men in the process of his last raid as the local fyrd had got between them and their boats - they cut their way through but only managed to get away in Ivar's longship.

After a discussion Sven and Ivar decided to head for home, they had amassed a plenty of booty.  However Sven wanted to make one more 'raid' on the way back to obtain part of 'the map' for the location of the Whorled cup. The vikings systematically stripped what they could in terms of livestock and food from the island and set all the buildings alight. They then set off  ...

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