Saturday, 10 September 2011

Here be the Isle of Sceapige ...

When the vikings landed they moved north and took the settlement of Medham, we have also seen their adventure in the forest where they retrieved the Book of Tanwold from the hermits island on Crawsmere (click map image to get larger version)

The vikings now control the island up to the long ridge hill of Segsden; although the Ufdenu (Owls den) Valley and nearby forested areas see incursions by the Saxons (mostly hunting for game).  The vikings have also recently raised Deorsingasham on the mainland to get St Wigberts relics, what will Sven Eriksen's next move be - more raiding or a another adventure looking for the treasure of the Whorled Cup ?


  1. Nice work! Great to see the lay of the land - looking forward to seeing more adventures now I can follow the geography of the campaign!

  2. I really enjoy maps so I really like this post! Thanks for sharing it with us. Looking forward to more of the campaign.

  3. Excellent, also looking forward to more of the campaign.