Thursday, 24 October 2019

Beornwulf returns to Angleland - trouble at St Withibirgas

Beornwulf the Bold, his lady Iliana and their dog Wulf had returned to Angleland (from the Northlands). They landed on the southern coast and moved northwest towards Wudeceastre and the lands of his cousin Thegn Rodor.

After a couple of days journey they joined with a small band of pilgrims on their way to the abbey of St Withibirgas, the pilgrim group included Lady Aelfrith and her escort.


Another days travel brought them in sight of the Abbey
Also approaching the abbey was a small group of vikings ...
As the vikings started to cross the stream, they were seen by monks and also Beornwulf who was at the head of the pilgrim band...
The pilgirm band reached the abbey and there was an uneasy confrontation with the vikings
There was a glint of steel as a viking started to draw his word; Beornwulf shouted 'to arms' and charged at the nearest group of vikings along with Iliana and some of the pilgrim band. Lady Aelfrith was escorted away and the rest of her armed retinue attacked the vikings by the abbey.
Some of the vikings were pushed back toward stream by Beornwulf those with him, Aelfrith's retinue held a viking charge in front of the abbey
The vikings by the abbey lose ground and some of the number as they are pushed back;  Beornwulf, Iliana, Wulf and the others have lost ground but are fighting well (a couple of the lightly armed pilgrims have been killed)...
Aelfrith's retinue have cut down many vikings, Beornwulf and rest have the better of the other vikings; the vikings start to break off....
The remaining vikings flee, Wulf the dog barks at them as they run ....


  1. Well done Wulf, he barked at just the right time to cause the Vikings to run away.

  2. Not a good day to go a-Viking. When armed men are near a religious center, and defend it, they are more motivated to defend their holy areas!