Sunday, 12 October 2014

Beornwolf accepts command ....

After King Odemars of Oppland had been deposed and his kingdom seized by Angstrom Angstromsen with the help of Nogbad the bad,  Noggin had been considering what to do.

Queen Alfhilda who had made it to safety in Nogland had asked him for assistance. Learning that many men loyal to the King were gathering in the northern hills of Oppland, Noggin sought advice from the soothsayer who lived in the hills nearby.

Outside, after getting a reading ....
Noggin: Well the runecast and omens are good for intervention, Beornwolf will you lead the men south when the time comes ?
Beornwulf: Yes, certainly
Noggin: I will stay in Nogland, with Nogbad around I will protect the kingdom.

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  1. Nice paintjob.Like your blog.Inspirational.I will be following your blog now.Keep posting. :)