Monday, 7 April 2014

Boernwulf back on his feet ....

A week after his arrival in the Northlands, Beornwulf  had gone down with a feverish illness which lasted many days;  King Noggin's physicians had done what they could; after 3 weeks his fever broke and he awoke - but very weak.  Beornwulf's companion Iliana (last of Orb Maiden Warriors) had looked after him while he was ill. 

A couple of weeks later Beornwulf was strong enough to walk and ventured outside with Iliana, King Noggin was pleased to see he was better....
 They walked out into the farmland near the capital, stopping to watch men from the local levy practising with their slings ...
 as they walked on they passed a couple of the locals working in the fields ...
 they reached the monastery of St Olaf's, where they watched the fighting monks practising their martial arts
they paused in the monastery church for a rest and to pray. On returning they met up with Graculus ...who accompanied them back to their quarters..


  1. Great to see the lads are up and ready to return to the fray!

  2. A great story brought to life in miniatures- splendid stuff indeed!

  3. Very nice story, splendid colors!