Sunday, 27 November 2011

A meeting of Mages in the forrest

Oswyn (Grey Coat) , Nerienda (known by most as Old Crone) and Hunwald (Black Staff)  have gathered for a meeting deep in the forest ..
Oswyn:  How goes our plan Nerienda ?
Nerienda: Well it goes. The viking Erikson has the book of Tanwold, and our friend Elfric will decipher the clues to the hiding place of the Whorled Cup and its treasure.
Hunwald: So we let those vikings do all our work for us and take the risks.
Nerienda: Yes they find what we seek and we will take it from them ("cackle")
Hunwald: Let us retire to my cave and have something to eat and drink.

 as they walked to the cave

Oswyn: Nerienda I hear that the Bishop of Wuduceastre is hunting for you
Nerienda: I will deal with him and whoever he sends, do not worry



  1. Nefarious goings on....I look forward to seeing the sequel
    cheers Mike

  2. hmmm, an interesting development in the saga.

  3. "Fair is foul and foul is fair;hover through the fog and filthy air"...