Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Isle of Sceapige (6) - Vikings on the move ...

Sven Erikson had a bad nights sleep. In the morning he felt that he needed to limber up and get some action - the rest of the men had been getting tetchy lately and there had been some squabbles recently in the camp which had turned into some nasty fights. So they are up for fighting he thought - we can't sit here any longer - time for action. 'To the ships' he bellowed loudly ...

The vikings scrambled aboard their ships and made their way up round the isle past Medham and along the coast towards Drengham - they beached their ships on the sandy cove about 3 miles from the saxon settlement (the other way was round the isle was a trickey route with dangerous rocks, especially near Drengham - where only the locals new the safe way through).

After getting ashore Sven Erikson ordered the battle standard to be unfurled.
He then ordered his mean to prepare some things to help in their attack on Drengham, after felling a few trees and some hard work they were ready to move,- a battering ram and some improvised ladders..
Ready for action the Vikings move off towards Drengham ...


 to be continued


  1. you've been busy! Love the banner (LBM?) and the improvised siege equipment - the Saxons won't know what hit them!

  2. looking a bit bleak for the Saxons, again I like the improvised battering ram. Do you remember an old film in which the Vikings make a ram and use their shields as wheels, or am I imagining it?-cheers Mike

  3. Very nice work, roll on the Vikings.

  4. Battering ram was inspired by the sequence from the film 'The Vikings' starring Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas. Wheels on the model are made from shields.

    Flag downloaded from:, there are more you can get from same blog.

    -- Allan

  5. Great setup for what looks like an intense coming battle.