Saturday, 2 July 2011

Saxons - Thegns arrive to receive their weapons ...

Earldorman Rodor's loyal thegns: a mix of Gripping Beast packs and a couple of Dixon viking figures, are assembled and ready to paint.


  1. A stout band of English Warriors.
    "..then Beorthnoth began to draw up his warriors there. He rode along and advised them how to stand and keep their place and bade that they held their shields the right way, firm in their fists.." (The Battle of Maldon).

    looking forward to seeing the Danes trounced.:-)

  2. If they fight as well as they look then the Danes better watch out.

  3. They will definately give the inhabitants of Deorsingasham an extra boost if those vik raiders return!

    Lovely figs - I really like the pose of the thirs fig from the left with his sword pointed over his shield - who makes that one?

  4. The chap with the sword over shield is from Gripping Beast pack

    ESX03 Gedriht Attacking

    -- Allan