Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ship building in progress ...

I wasn't planning on having another Viking ship, but I spotted this kit when ordering some bits to upgrade one of my 18C ships. At 1/60 scale its a reasonable size, it comes with a few standing crew and a set of rowers; these are a little small but possibly useable.
I had to convert it to a 'waterline' model, and then assembled the rest of it. I left of some of the deck detail parts off so that I could stand more figures in it


  1. Nice! That would be hard to resist for the dragon's head alone.

  2. I cocncur - a great pickup even if just for the figurehead. I note she came with mast and rigging too, which the resin jobs don't.

    In the meantime I havent been able to resist the siren song of my own dragon ship and have ordered some some GB's lovely models. So too has by buddy Pete so ere long we should be amphibious Vikings, as shoud be the case :-D

  3. Seeing as you are building a new long ship I thought you might be interested in this project going on in Oseberg...


    Little Odo