Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Enkaland Saga ...

The viking Enkaland Saga chronicles the voyages, adventures and battles involving Sven Eriksonand his kinsmen, this stories from this saga interweave with those of the Nothelm chronicle.
Among other things Sven is obsessed with the search for the Whorled Cup ( a jeweled golden chalice) and its associated treasure ....
 He is also after revenge for the death of his cousin Sigismund Voralsen at the hand of the saxon dogs of england - it appears that Sven Erikson's ship is being made ready ...


  1. Nice! I didn't know anyone made Viking rowers.
    (the famous Whorled Cup! ha ha)

  2. Rowers are by gripping beast, thye only sell them with their large resin viking longship

    -- Allan