Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sigismund Voralsen's Raid ...

A quick solo game to playtest the rule additions for mounted warriors ...

The viking raiding party of Sigismund Voralsen land and move inland, leaving a small ship guard.
The vikings had been spotted by three of the saxon thegn Rodor's men who had been out hunting, one had ridden to raise the local fyrd from the nearby villages, one warned the villagers and the other rode hard to take word to thegn Rodor.
Thegn Rodor and his retinue mount their horses....
Meanwhile the vikings have reached the village and started plundering, a group has started towards the abbey church ..
Thegn Rodor rides out, with some men following as fast as they can on foot ...
The vikings attack the church which is defended by men of the village and the abbot and lay brothers of the monastery. The vikings in the village are taking their plunder back to the boat ...
Thegn Rodor has ridden round the village and is heading for the vikings ship. In the distance the local fyrd is arriving ...
Thegn Rodor attacks the ship guard ....
The battle at the church is intensifying, some of Thegn Rodor's men are on their way to help ...
The fighting at the ship continues, the local fyrd have blundered into the vikings on the way back to their ship. At the abbey church the vikings there are fighting hard but are starting to lose ground ...
After Thegn Rodor and his men dealt with the ship guard they went to help the local fyrd. The vikings are now being cut down mercilessly, a few try to get away from the fight at the abbey church ...
A few vikings are captured, among them is their leader Sigismund Voralsen. Thegn Rodor shows no mercy - they are all beheaded.


  1. Cool!

    Although I enjoy 'The Kingdom of Wittenberg' too, let me tell you that I'm more into Middle Age, so 'The Nothelm Chronicle' is much more appealing to me.

    I'd only miss a bit of the plots that Wittenberg has. I mean: Characters developing their own storylines.

    Raids are fine, but I'd love to meet the farmers and their personalities.

    One-shots are always welcome, and yours even more, but I miss the feeling of a
    story Wittenberg has.

    What about a kidnap? Maybe a viking fell in love with a farmer girl.
    Or a new clergymen with a dark past arrives to the village to replace the one vikings killed.

    Anyway, these two blogs are always a pleasant surprise.

  2. Hmm more story lines - yes a great idea. Will require some more civilian figures, which I'm currently looking for.

    Will have to apply some imagineering muscle :)


  3. Superb stuff. I really enjoyed that, it was very original. I'm used to the more traditional type of battle reporting.

    Keep it up tidders. I'll back back and have added you to my RSS reader.

    All the best,

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    my Fantasy Gallery